About Me

IMG_0031 2
My first week living in New York, right after I missed my tour bus.

Hi! I’m Annie McDonough. I’m a native Delawarean, now working as a journalist in New York City.

I’m a technology and policy reporter at City & State New York, a print/online publication following local and state politics and policy. I also write City & State’s weekday morning newsletter, First Read Tech. Check out my work for City & State here.

Aside from reporting on New York’s burgeoning tech industry and attempts to regulate it, I’ve also written about how a Michelin-starred chef cooks for one, first-time Broadway composers and second chances for recently incarcerated citizens.

Some other things I do: see live theater in New York, watch the same three NBC sitcoms on repeat, and brainstorm ways to make this bio sound a little bit less like an online dating profile.

To contact me, e-mail amcd095@gmail.com or get in touch with me over Twitter!

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